• General: Rodents can become invasive in homes, and destructive

    Size: Varies; 5 to 40 cm

    Colour: Varies; grey, dark brown-grey, light colored belly

    Commonly found: In basements, kitchen, wall structure, attic and exterior


  • 1.

    What should I know about rodents?

    • Rats & mice are considered commensal rodents, since they benefit from their proximity to humans.

    • Under favorable conditions, they can survive for upwards of one year.

    • Their bodies are flexible, and can fit through the smallest of spaces.

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    Health risks associated with rodents?​

    • They are known to have spread diseases, such as salmonellosis, ricketsial pox and lymphatic choriomeningitis.

    • Contamination of food with rodent droppings and urine is a health concern.

    • They are potential carries of fleas and mites.

    • White-footed mouse acts as reservoir for Lyme disease and Hanta virus.

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    How do rodents impact my property?

    • They can cause structural damage; by chewing through drywall, wooden frames; they also are capable of gnawing electrical cables, resulting in structural fires.

    • Their fecal droppings and urine can release a foul nauseous odor.

    • Some rats can also damage the garden or vegetation, by creating extensive burrows.

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    How can I prevent rodents from invading?

    • Block all small gaps and entrances, make sure all doors and windows fit tightly.

    • Employ strategies for proper waste management and food storage.

    • Consider rodent proofing.

    • Ask our licensed pest control professional for help!

Common Types of Rodents

 House Mouse 

Size: 5-17 cm

Colour: Brownish-grey

Other features: Tail is slightly longer than body; front paws slightly smaller than hind

Droppings: Small; comparable to rice grain

General Info: They reach maturity in nearly six weeks, and have life span of about one year. In a lifetime, the female may bear as many as eight litters of 5-6, given favorable conditions. They eat any food available, and require little water and about 3 grams of dry food each day. 


House mice are capable of gnawing through wood, aluminum, soft mortar and asphalt. They can jump a vertical distance of up to 30 cm, and pass through holes up to 12 mm in diameter.

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