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Professional Inspection on a regular basis to ensure that your property is free and safe from pest infestations. We detect, we treat and we prevent.


-Akim Pest Control Professional

Approach for All

For rodent control, the general approach is physical and chemical control. Combined both methods, the gain from each of its benefits, would help produce the most effective outcome! 

We know how it works, let us show you. Take the first step by calling now or booking a service with us. 

Hotels, Motels and Inn's

We understand there is a high demand for bookings, that's why we are ready to employ strategies so that your customers can sleep well, without having to face the nightmares of rats or mice. 

We will best work to secure your business from any future visits from unwanted rodents. Talk to our professionals to discuss about your solutions!

Apartment Complexes

Whether it is a high-rise, quadplex, triplex or even a duplex, we can guide and control your rodent problem. A combined effort from all should quickly solve the situation.

As a common issue with many, we find exterior control to play a key element in controlling rodent presence in general.

Rental Housing

No matter the size of the home, or number of units, we'll identify and control the rodents. Whether the rodents are outside, inside the house or in the attic, we can demonstrate high level results for your renters! 

Even for your personal residence, we will offer a comprehensive proposal for rodent exclusion. Our experienced professionals know what to look for, so you don't have to worry about scurrying mice or rats.

Airbnb Hosts

As any great host, we understand you want to maintain a positive rating and experience for your potential adventurers. We'll take charge of your rodent problem that may have arrived from unexpected openings. 

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