• General: Bats are specially protected mammals by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act 

    Colour: Varies; black, dark brown

    Commonly found: In corners of walls, attics, chimneys; hollows of trees, caves


  • 1.

    What should I know about bats?

    • Bats are the only true flying mammals.

    • Bats typically have poor vision, they orient themselves using sonar-like echo-location system.

    • Their erratic flight pattern is related to their pursuit of insects upon which they feed.

    • With deforestation, bats lost some of their natural roosting sites.

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    Health risks associated with bats?

    • Bats are known to be carriers of parasites, Bat bug Cimex pilosellus and lectularius.

    • Although cases of bats affected by rabies is very low in Ontario, if you are bitten or scratched by a rabid bat, seek immediate medical attention.

    • Inhalation of dusty bat droppings can cause exposure to histoplasmosis.

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    How do bats impact my property?

    • Odors from bat urine, droppings (guano) and noise they make in attic can be bothersome.

    • Moisture from their droppings can stain the plaster in the ceiling and walls, in some situations.

    • They can crawl into rooms through cervices in chimneys, attics, along pipe entrances, or from wall voids that leads to basement.

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    How can I prevent bats from invading?

    • Block all small gaps and entrances, make sure all doors and windows fit tightly.

    • It may be possible to make them feel unwelcome by altering attic conditions, i.e. install lights that are left on 24 hrs during their occupation.

    • Ask our licensed pest control professional for help!

Common Types of Bats found in buildings in Ontario

 Little Brown Bat 

Size: 7-9 cm

Colour: Glossy brown above; buff below

Droppings: Mouse-like; easily crumble when crushed

General Info: They have poor eyesight. Like many bats, they depend on sonar-like echo-location. They have a wingspan of 22-27 cm. They generally roost in colonies of a few to hundreds of individuals. In August, bats use their hibernation site as mating site, congregating in large numbers.


Little brown bats prefer sites that are dark and poorly-ventilated, with several small access holes; attics and other parts of the building often fulfill this requirement.

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