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Bio-Hazard  Removal
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    What are sources of Bio-Hazard?

    • Wildlife animals such as Raccoons, Squirrels, Rodents and Bats are major contributors of Bio-Hazard waste as result of their urination and feces.

    • Many times droppings from these animals contain bacteria that would be harmful. 

    • When such fecal matter is unaltered, it begins to decay, when crushed, it easily gets lifted with the dust particles in spaces such as the attic.

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    Health concerns related to Bio-Hazard?​

    • Exposure to dust-particles of bat droppings by inhalation can put you at risk for histoplasmosis, and other respiratory complications.

    • Many wildlife animals, such as raccoons have parasites that can be derived from their feces, posing a serious risk to the central nervous system.

    • It is very important to properly treat the space to prevent potential exposure.

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© Akim Pest Control, Inc., 2020. All rights reserved.

© Akim Pest Control, Inc., 2020. All rights reserved.

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