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Strange Encounters

Sometimes you land into a situation where you just get comfortable even with the animals you are usually out to catch. This Raccoon in the picture was exploring our stuff for food while we were working somewhere (not for raccoon). These creatures act naturally with their instinct and keep exploring their surroundings for foods. This raccoon was also searching for food.

In our integrated pest control techniques, we guide our customers to avoid creating attractions for these animals around their houses & buildings. Raccoons are related to the family of bears, hence, they have very good sense of smell and they are very intelligent. If you have garbage outside your house which is leaving attractive smell, they would surely try their best to explore that out. And after that, they might search for some cozy place to rest. That cozy place can be attic of your house. So be careful in the first place. Don’t create attractions for them. This way its most environment friendly and cheapest way to stay safe from pest invasions.

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