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Raccoons don't mix well with residences

Raccoons are omnivorous, nocturnal, and scavengers. These animals have a tendency to dwell in residential areas. They are known to cause property damage when they go hunting for food. Attracted to the scent of pet food and garbage, raccoons often scavenge for food in residential areas. They can also be found living in attics or other spaces that can be accessed easily from trees or rooftops. Raccoons will also use these spaces as their den during the day and return at night to sleep.

Raccoons are typically harmless animals that live near humans but they may become aggressive if they feel threatened or trapped. If you find a raccoon on your property, it's important to contact a professional pest control company, like us, right away so that the animal can be removed safely and any damage repaired before it becomes worse.

Call Akim Pest Control, let's get your raccoon problem cleared up.

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