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Opossums - how to keep them away from your property

Opossums, also known as possums, are marsupials native

to the Americas. These small mammals are known for their distinctive appearance and behavior, and can often be found in urban and suburban areas. While opossums are generally not aggressive towards humans, they can cause problems for homeowners due to their habit of raiding garbage cans and gardens. Here are a few interesting facts about opossums and prevention tips:

  1. Opossums are marsupials: Like kangaroos and wallabies, opossums have a pouch in which they carry and nurse their young. Female opossums give birth to a litter of up to 20 young, which are about the size of a honeybee when they are born. The young opossums then crawl into their mother's pouch and stay there until they are large enough to leave.

  2. Opossums are resistant to many diseases: Opossums have a strong immune system and are resistant to many diseases, including rabies. This means that they are less likely to transmit diseases to humans or other animals.

  3. Opossums have a unique defense mechanism: When confronted with a threat, opossums will often "play possum," which involves fainting and appearing to be dead. This defense mechanism is thought to deter predators by making the opossum appear unappealing as prey.

  4. Opossums can be found throughout the Americas: Opossums are native to the Americas and can be found from southern Canada to South America. They are most common in the eastern and southern United States.

  5. Opossums can be controlled: If you have an opossum problem on your property, there are several steps you can take to prevent and control it. These include removing food sources, such as garbage cans and bird feeders, sealing openings in your home, and using live traps to capture and remove the opossums.

Opossums may not be the most common pests, but they can cause problems for homeowners. By following the prevention tips above, you can reduce the risk of opossum problems and protect your home and garden.

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