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Enjoying the outdoor experience, pest-free.

Spring, Summer & Fall are the seasons to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature, but it’s also the time when pests are more active, specially the stinging insects like hornets, wasps, yellow jackets and bees. Learning more about your pests around can help you to live better around them. This is how you know that whether they are harmful or not and how to deal with them in case of any encounter.

Hornets & wasps are natural pest controller. They eat insects and other several garden pests which can be harmful or nuisance. However, sometimes the population of these insects become so large that it can be a danger to humans. If they are around your house or deck, it can be a big nuisance as they make you uncomfortable as you know that they can sting. Also sometimes, they actually sting and cause trouble.

At Akim pest control we provide services to control the wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and also provide preventive treatments so you can enjoy your outdoors freely.

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