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After we catch a Raccoon or Skunk

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act requires that trapped animals i.e. Skunks, Raccoons be released within "close proximity" of capture site within 24 hrs. Most of the time, when we catch Raccoons or skunks in houses, residents desire us to leave those animals far far away so they cannot come back near their homes. And when we share with them that by-law we cannot take them extremely far, they take it with a big surprise. A calm discussion with them, we inform that it is much humane to leave them in close proximity just in case if the animal has babies somewhere so it can reach them back and this way we won't risk the lives of the babies. To this point people understand the concept behind this regulation and agrees to the rationale of the legislation. Nonetheless, worry not, as they won't be coming backing to haunting you at your home.

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