• Length: From 13 cm to 16 cm

    Colour: Generally dull brown

    Nesting Preference: Urban: nests in eaves, soffits, attics, awnings

    Nest building: Begins in early spring in Ontario


  • 1.

    What should I know about house sparrows?

    • House sparrows are primarily seed eaters.

    • The noise and filth associated with their nests is a nuisance.

  • 2.

    Health risks associated with house sparrows?​

    • House sparrows are a factor in the spread of diseases such as canary pox, anthrax, new castle disease; and ectoparasites.

  • 3.

    How do house sparrows impact my property?

    • House sparrows can nest in areas leading to the attic; these openings (i.e., soffits that are disrupted) can be used by other pests or wildlife to enter the attic, thereby causing more damage.

    • They can be potential carriers of bird mites

  • 4.

    How can I prevent house sparrows from invading?

    • Identify factors contributing to the problem (e.g., building design, bird feeders).

    • Generate loud noises to scare them away.

    • Ask our licensed pest control professional for help!

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