It's so small, even squinting your eyes will make it hard to spot them, unless they are on your skin, sucking away the blood, and spreading terrible infections. That's when you may notice them.


Types of fleas:

Dog Fleas,

Rat Fleas,

Squirrel Fleas, and 

Cat fleas


Length: 3 mm


Color: Brown to blackish 


Other features: Wingless and flattened body from side to side. They possess long powerful jumping legs. 


The eggs: Small, whitish, barely visible to eye, and develops into maggot-like active larva .  


The larva seeks protection from bright light and will work their way into debris or deep pile zone of carpeting. Larva feed on organic matter i.e. hairs.   


Larva: Spins into cocoon (in which it pupate).   



The pupal stage: Lasts from 5 days to 5 weeks depending upon conditions, or it may wait for favorable condition until over-winter. 

Summary of biology:


Living condition: Larva requires moisture, and cracks or crevices, or under the carpet to hide & live


Eggs per time: 2 - 20 eggs, and incubation period of 2 -14 days


Eggs in lifetime: Over 400 eggs in a period of 6-7 months


Sexual maturity: Larva to pupa in 12 days, and pupa to adult may take longer time if condition is not favourable

Life span: 1 year or more


Adult = Yes 

Pupa =  Relatively resistant

Larva = Yes 

Egg = Safe

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