• Length: 10 to 40 mm

    Colour: Yellowish-brown, reddish-brown, brown and black

    Common Types: German, Brown-banded, Oriental, American, Pennsylvania Wood


  • 1.

    What should I know about cockroaches?

    • The main attraction for cockroaches includes food, water, and shelter.

    • They are capable of living for long time periods, some can live up to one year.

  • 2.

    Health risks associated with cockroaches?​

    • They are known to carry Salmonella bacteria.

    • They can contaminate food particles or utensils.

    • Cockroaches are often a public health concern in locations such as hospitals and restaurants.

  • 3.

    How do cockroaches impact my property?

    • They may seek harbor in every part of the home, but most prefer a damp environment.

    • Most are active at night, many people may be unaware of their presence in their residence.

  • 4.

    How can I prevent cockroaches from invading?

    • Practice good hygiene and sanitation procedures.

    • Proper food storage and waste management is essential.

    • Ask our licensed pest control professional for help!

Common Types of Cockroaches


Size: 30-40mm

Colour: Reddish-brown

General Info: They are the largest of the common cockroaches. The adult lifespan can be up to two years. They are commonly found on surfaces where food is prepared, utility tunnels housing hot water pipes, and other places that offer a warm moist environment.

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