• Length: Workers are 6-13mm, Queen is 25mm or more

    Colour: Reddish--brown, black

    Other features: Large mandibles, small cone hairs on tip of abdomen


  • 1.

    What should I know about carpenter ants?

    • They are the largest of typical common ants, in their natural surroundings they are beneficial insects; not when they nest in structural lumber.

    • They swarm in mating flights, sign of possible infestation.

    • Late evening is their peak activity time.

  • 2.

    How to locate carpenter ants?

    • Look for frass, occasionally found in wall voids.

    • When they excavate wood, they usually make rustling sounds.

    • Track the ants back to their nest, where applicable.

  • 3.

    How do carpenter ants impact my property?

    • They construct their colonies in structural wood, wall voids, insulation and hollows of doors.

    • They usually limit the size of the colony to the area of the damp wood but are capable of doing extensive structural damage.

    • They chew through wood, they do not eat wood.

  • 4.

    How can I prevent carpenter ants from invading?

    • Remove decaying wood from around building.

    • Ensure good ventilation and drainage around the home; repair leaky pipes to prevent dampness.

    • Avoid accumulating garbage.

    • Ask our licensed pest control professional for help!

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