• General: Commonly found are different types of grain, flour and drugstore beetles

    Colour: Varies; black, reddish brown, light brown

    Commonly found: In floors, unopened packages of food, grain; pharmaceuticals


  • 1.

    What should I know about beetles?

    • Beetles vary in size, ranging between1-75mm.

    • Beetles are predominantly secondary pests.

    • They are attracted to varying materials, such as packaged foods, plants, fabric, etc.

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    Health risks associated with beetles?

    • Beetles can contaminate and cause damage to foodstuff.

    • Some infestations may cause food particles to prematurely mold.

    • Some beetles can impart a nauseous smell to materials infested.

  • 3.

    How do beetles impact my property?

    • Certain types of wood-boring beetles can cause structural damage (i.e. hardwood floors, furniture, etc).

    • Infestation is highly susceptible since most beetles can lay upwards of hundreds of eggs in short time period.

  • 4.

    How can I prevent beetles from invading?

    • Block all small entrances and make sure all doors and windows fit tightly.

    • Perform regular housekeeping procedures, such as vacuuming and cleaning.

    • Ask our licensed pest control professional for help!

Common Types of Beetles


Size: 3-5mm

Colour: Adult is Dark brown to black. Larvae are reddish to golden-brown.

General Info: The larval stage commonly target materials of animal origin, such as furs and feathers; in addition to being found in processed foods, animal feeds and processed grain. Adults do not cause damage but do feed on pollen of flowering plants.

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