Before the treatment begins, all occupants of the units being treated have to leave and not to enter for a minimum of 3 hours but preferably 6-8 hours after the technician leaves. Pets such as: dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc. should be removed from the house/building/suite before treatment begins and kept out for 6-8 hours. Aquariums can remain in place as long as the filtrations and aeration systems are turned-off and the tank is adequately covered. Filtration and aeration equipment should be turned back on 6 hours after treatment.
Small children, persons with respiratory problems and/or allergies may get advice from their physician and must vacate the premises during the service treatment. Please plan to leave for 4-6 hours or longer as suggested by your physician.

To improve the results of the treatment the tenant is required to remove all clutter from the unit.

Tenant Preparation. The tenant should if possible:
•    Vacuum baseboards and objects/flooring close to bed.
•    Discard the vacuum bag…. (placed in tightly sealed garbage bag before disposal)
•    Tenants should bag up all clothing that is in contact with the floor, or in nearby dressers.
•    This clothing should be washed in hot water or dry cleaned. Clean clothing in a new bag, should remain out of the room until after treatment is complete.
•    Bookshelves, nightstands or other furniture in the immediate area must be emptied so that the technician can spray the undersides of the furniture. Place all items in tightly sealed garbage bags and leave them in the room to be treated.

•    All clothing items that are to be either placed in the dryer or laundered are to be placed in garbage bags, sealed and emptied directly into the machines. When the laundering cycles are complete, the clean laundry should be placed in NEW garbage bags, sealed and kept that way throughout the entire treatment process.
•    Then, the garbage bags used for transporting clothing articles to the laundry room should be discarded with care, as they may contain bed bugs.
•    IMPORTANT: make sure you launder items in HOT water. Cold water will not kill the bedbugs or their eggs.
•    Clean clothes (medium load) can be sanitized by placing them in the dryer on high temperature for 40 minutes.

Beds and Draperies:
•    Bed should be bare when the technician arrives. All bedding, slip covers, pillow cases, etc. must be removed prior to the arrival of technician. Soiled clothing, blankets, comforters, and
pillow cases, etc. should be washed in hot water (separate from all other laundry) or dry cleaned by client at high temperature, before or soon after the treatment to avoid resurgence of Bed Bugs. Have clean bedding ready for use.
•    The sheets, blankets, box-spring skirts etc. should be laundered as per above.
•    Pillows should also be placed in the dryer on high heat for 40 minutes.

Dressers & Night Tables:
• All clothing contents of all dressers are to be placed in garbage bags and placed in the dryer and heat at high temperature for a minimum of 40 minutes
• All articles on top of dresser are to be removed.
• Dressers are to be completely empty for treatment.
• Bookshelves, nightstands or other furniture in the immediate area must be emptied so that the technician can spray the undersides of the furniture. Place all items in tightly sealed garbage bags and leave them in the room to be treated.
• Furniture and items should be moved at least 30 cm (12 inches) away from the walls to facilitate spraying of the baseboards.
If shelving, drawers are dirty please clean first. If they are not very dirty please do not clean.

• All closets including linen closets are to be emptied of all articles and those on the floor, shelving and hanging clothes.
• All clean articles should be placed in the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 40 minutes at 60o C.
• All soiled articles need to be washed in hot water and then dried in high heat.

Please Note: Laundromat dryers have lower heat settings and may not heat up to 60o C.

Sofas & Chairs:
• All chair covers, throws and pillows must be laundered prior to treatment


Cleaning procedure after receiving BB treatment:

1.    Open the windows and doors for cross ventilation, for at least ½ hour, and then re-enter to start cleaning. DO NOT bring pet or children with you at this stage.
2.    For cleaning use damp cloth or mop, followed by wipe to dry and repeat three times.
3.    All toys or pet utensils on to floor must be washed to clean with detergent.
4.    Any uncovered or open food needs dispose-off.
5.    All the wooden floors need cleaning as per cleaning procedure mentioned above, we recommend NOT to clean the floor near to baseboard, but any such area where children or pet mostly remain: must be cleaned.
6.    All washroom accessories need re-cleaning especially wash tubs and seaters.
7.    Any other item remaining onto floor MUST be cleaned by washing.
8.    Before you bring your children or pet back, please make sure that cleaning procedure is met.

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