Until you see them yourself, it would be very late. If you suspect them in your house, call a professional


Your valuable property is at a huge risk if you have them inside it. They love to explore the buildings and they love to chew. 


They multiply fast, they make holes all around and they can chew wires. If you get late in calling a pest control professional, soon you might have to call an electrician or may be a firefighter. 

If they are already in the building, we might have to exterminate them. And then we have to make sure they don't enter the building again. 

RODENT EXTERMINATION is the part in which we take measures to control the population and through RODENT PROOFING we secure the building from future invasions. 

People who are smart and pro-active get the proofing of their buildings without waiting for an invasion. For food businesses it is highly recommended to go for rodent proofing of their premises.


Fixing the first line of defence is to get rid of rodents easy entry points. For your information, a mice can squeeze through cracks as small as a dime, and a rat can enter through a quarter-sized hole.




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