They are smart and intelligent. Raccoons are top of the list in house invasions. They love to find a cozy corner in your attic especially with their babies. 

They might look cute...

But Raccoons carry various harmful diseases with them. Therefore, their presence can bring a lot of risk with them. 

Life Span : About 15 Years
Eye Sight : Good
Gestation Period : 63 Days
Litters : 2 - 8 Litters
Sexual Maturity : 1 Year (Female)
Reproduction Per Year : Single litter per year in Spring
Daily Food Consumption : Eating machine
Home Range : 250 Sq Meters
Biting Habbit :   Yes
Diseases carried by raccoon:
Rabbies, Giardiasis , Leptospirosis, Roundworm, Bacteria, Parasites, Virus, Animal urine, feces, and saliva carry: E. Coli, Salmonella
NOTE: Widlife removal Job: At AKIM PEST CONTROL the cost quoted is for a single animal, and we charge separate for babies along-with mother.
Steps in wildlife removal:

1. Inspection of premises
2. Removal of wildlife
A. Installation of one-way door for wildlife exclusion
B. Installation of cage for wildlife capture and removal
C. Relocation of babies alongwith mother:
(i). Safe relocation in wild (Customer discretion)
(ii).Handover to humane-society. (Customer has to bear the expense)
3. Sealing of entrance
4. Sterilization of area: Raccoon may carry a variety of diseases, which may become communicable, therefore, we advise to get the area sterilized.
5. No warranty, on basic service. Warranty is available to customers with additional charges.
6. Wildlife proofing of potential entry points in the building. 

Important Note:
We come back to remove the captured animal within 24 hours, and to our professional discretion may wait upto 48 hours (for a group).
We relocate the animal within 1 Km range.
Customer is encouraged to use their consent to handover animal to humane-society (on customer behalf and expense).

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