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Honey bees, the good and the bad

Honey bees are pollinators and they are important for the world. They help to pollinate plants, flowers, and crops which provides food for humans. Honey bees also provide us with honey which is a sweet food that can be used in many recipes.

There are many ways that honey bees can help humans. To start, they can help with allergies by providing pollen to people who have them. They also provide pest control by flying around looking for pests in the environment and killing them. Lastly, honey bees gather nectar from flowers and turn it into honey which is a sweet treat that we use in many recipes such as pancakes or tea time desserts like cupcakes or cake.

The queen bee is the mother of all these other worker bees and she lays eggs to create more worker bees to help her gather nectar from flowers and make more honey. The worker bees fly around looking for pollen on plants so they can bring it back to the hive where it will be turned into honey

Yes, there certainly are good things about honey bees, but if they find their way in your home, this can be a problem. Our professionals can help clear the problem efficiently. Better us coming than having the honey spoil your walls.

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