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Are you finding silverfish in your home?

Silverfish are small insects that eat paper, glue, and other organic materials. They are often found in homes in basements and walls. They can also be found in floorboards.

They are typically seen near a light source or near the site of their last meal. The lifecycle of a silverfish is as follows: egg, nymphs, adult. When the eggs hatch they become nymphs that go through 5-8 molts before becoming adults. The adults then lay eggs which will eventually hatch into new nymphs and start the cycle over again.

In order to get rid of these critters, one should first locate their breeding ground by looking for moist areas that have food sources nearby like stacks of paper or books. Temporary relief can be provided by vacuuming, cleaning surfaces from moisture, and sealing cracks. The best way to get rid of silverfish is by using pest control methods. Calling pest professionals at Akim Pest Control, can help provide treatments intended on riding you of your silverfish problem.

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